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    Brooklyn has an enormous variety of places to find unique things, from flea markets to boutiques, street vendors, craft shows, and even the curb in front of your apartment. But how much of it is actually MADE in the borough?


    Finding something made in the USA is hard enough these days, let alone finding an item made within a few miles of your home.  That is exactly why we're bringing you a market that will showcase the Makers creating things right here, in our favorite place in the world.


    The Brooklyn Makers Market, will take place on June 24th & 25th, 2017, at the historic Williamsburg Savings Bank building, adjacent to the Williamsburg Bridge, right across from the famous Peter Luger steakhouse.


    Built in 1875, this architectural landmark is the perfect setting for a wonderful event celebrating creativity and entrepreneurship in the borough.  On the south side of the ever-changing Williamsburg landscape, 175 Broadway echoes the Brooklyn of the late 1800s, a full 7 years before electricity was introduced to New York City.


    Join us for a great weekend!

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